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Baby Scratch

NEW!Now you can show the world you're a Baby Scratch fan...

Because we're bringing you a new range of Baby Scratch-Centric gear!

Featuring 3 clean designs including the classic BS Icon, Baby Master Ah'Yah and one decidedly Evil Baby, in a large range of selectable colours and cuts for both sexes.

Just hit any of the designs above or click here to head on over to our shop and grab yourself one today!

App Store Link Some Baby Info
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Click to watch Baby in action

Baby Scratch, the world's most compact DJ Turntable + Sampler, is born!

Based on the alien technology of Flare Scratch, Baby Scratch is a high quality DJ Turntable in an affordable (free!) package. Scratch classic samples over professionally concocted beats, or record your own voice and start scratching.

When you're ready to go pro, check out Flare Scratch, which features uploadable records and beatloops, zoomed mode and much much more.

App Store Link Apple App Store - Baby Scratch
App Store Link Control Descriptions Baby Scratch Deck Play / Pause

Hit this button to start or stop the turntable spinning

Pressing and holding this button immediately silences the Scratchrecord until released
Baby Menu

Tap this to bring up the Baby Scratch Menu. From here you can buy new songs, change settings and info on how to use the app
Volume Fader

Slide this fader to control the volume level of the Scratchrecord
Beatloop Switch

Tap this to start and stop the current beatloop
Record Button

Press this to sample sounds via the inbuilt or external microphone

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